vCenter Task type is displayed as 'Error' in vCenter Event Console


we tried to create the datacenter manually in the vCenter Server by the navigation below

Home--->Host and Clusters and then right click the vCenter IP in the left side pane and click "New DataCenter"

Provide the name as "Test DataCenter" in the textbox and click 'OK'

The newly created DataCenter is displayed in the left side Pane under "Host and Clusters"

Now Click Home ----> Events. We can see the "Event Console" in the right side pane where we can find the task details for the newly created 'Test DataCenter".

Since the task is success, it should not display the type as "Error" but the task type is displayed as "Error' in the 'Event Console'

The above scenario occurs in all the vCenter versions(6.5,6.7u1,6.7u2)

Could someone help us on this?

Attaching screenshot for this

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