vCenter Server Domain Authentication Setup -- Domain not listed after successful bind and reboot

I am attempting to add my new vCenter server to utilize the Domain Authentication. While doing the new VCSA wizard, I selected the internal SSO option and everything was created/installed successfully. I can login as root and everything works 100%. I did the following but nothing shows up Domain section while adding a new permission for a domain user.

Steps performed:

I setup a new VCSA and am able to add servers, etc.

I browse to the https://<fqdn>:5480 and login as root. After selecting the Authentication tab I select "Active Directory Enabled" and enter a Domain Admin user. I see the "Success" type screen and reboot the server.(image 3)

I navigate to my Domain Controller and see that the vCenter server is now visible in the AD under Users and Computers.(image 1)

I open vsphere client and navigate to datacenter, Permissions, Right-Click --> Add Permission.

While in this menu, my Domain is not available. Just <server>, (blank), and VSPHERE.LOCAL. my domain is not available for some reason.(image 2)

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