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vCenter Server 5.1 always stopps


i have a vCenter Server appliance ( Build 2170517) with an embedded database, but the service stops unexpectedly.

I can restart the service and everything is fine. But how can i fix the problem permanently?

I read, that there is an error with vCenter Server appliance 5.0.

To resolve the problem, i found this:

This solution is reccomended to solve issue permanently,

Login to vcenter via ssh as root

    a)    Stop the vcenter services:

   service vmware-vpxd stop

    b)    Connect to DB

    su db2inst1
   db2 connect to vcdb

    c)    Update the DB log size

   db2 update db CFG FOR VCDB USING logprimary 16 logsecond 112 logfilsiz 8192

    d)    Type exit to exit db config

    e)    Start the vcenter services:

    service vmware-vpxd start

Does it help with version 5.1 ?

How can i connect to the Database on 5.1 / How can i change the parameters  above ?

On 5.1 the user db2inst1 does not exist.

Thank you for your help.


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I am having the same issue. I discovered my issue is releated o my DB had filled up the drive. I added more drive space and got it up and running, but I still can't login in with the db2inst1 login. I get the same "su: user db2inst1 does not exist" I need to backup the DB and try and do some major clean up, but can't get anything to work.


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