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vCenter Identity Source: Redundant connection to LDAPS Servers


I have a question about the redundant connection of an LDAP source in vCenter Server.
If I don't express myself well, I'll write where I am in the menu
VMware vCenter Server > Menu > Administration > Configuration > Identity Sources 

At this point I entered 2 Windows servers, LDAPs with the certificates, which also worked for the connection.

Now to my "problem": 
If the first registered LDAP server is available, everything works fine
If maintenance is entered on the first server, the vCenter does not fail over. No request to the second LDAPs server

To me it looks like there is no failover here. When the first registered server is back, you can log on again with the Windows account

vCenter is version 6.7 U3

Does anyone know this behavior? Is that so or how can I get around it so that I always have an LDAP connection? Does anyone have a solution with F5 or something similar and is that better?


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