vCenter High Availability with a remote Witness

Hi all,

I'd like to implement vCenter HA for our vSphere 6.7 cluster, but I have no options on-site for installing the witness somewhere that isn't on the same hardware as one of the two VCSA's, which strikes me as kinda pointless from an HA perspective 😄 

We have a two-site stretch cluster with a pair of esxi hosts in each site, and DellEMC Compellent storage providing the datastores. with a controller head and shelf in each site as well. The Compellent storage runs synchronous replication for its volumes, with a witness server located in a different site, and in a different network. Because of the very low latency of the University backbone however, this is not a problem (we have 3-5ms latency between the cluster and witness). 

I have seen in some YouTube videos relating to VCHA that it is possible to have the Witness on a different Layer 3 network, which sounds exactly like what we're doing with the Compellent, but I can't find any references to setting this up in the docs I've read thus far. Can someone point me in the right direction please? 



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