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I am using VMware vCenter Converter Standalone client, version 6.1.1 build-3533064 to manage several p2v and v2v (moving out of XenCenter into vCenter) and most have been going smoothly but I have one that is giving me some trouble. This is a Linux machine (CentOS 6.4) and for whatever reason it's saying (in the converter) that it cannot query the live linux machine. When I pull the logs I see this:

--> (converter.ComputerSpec) {

-->    location = (converter.ComputerSpec.LiveComputerLocation) {

-->       hostname = "[hostname.domain]",

-->       port = <unset>,

-->       username = "root",

-->       password = (not shown),

-->       clientPrivateKey = <unset>,

-->       osType = "linuxOs",

-->       verifyPeer = <unset>,

-->       sslThumbprint = <unset>

-->    }

--> }

2017-06-30T09:44:30.739-07:00 error converter-gui[03648] [Originator@6876 sub=wizardController] Cannot query source HW info: converter.fault.SysinfoQueryBadThumbprintFault

2017-06-30T09:44:30.742-07:00 info converter-gui[03504] [Originator@6876 sub=SourceSelect] Failed reading SSL thumbprint for host [hostname.domain] from registry.

I can SSH into the box just fine outside of the converter, but having never encountered this issue before I'm not altogether certain where t start and my Google Fu hasn't been strong when trying to search this out. Anyone experienced this before?

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Start taking a look at the following VMware KB article: When performing a Linux conversion you receive the error: Unable to query live Linux source machine ...


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