vCenter Appliance deployment failing with SSL cert Error

Trying to deploy VC appliance connecting to a load balanced pair of external PSC appliances. (all using the latest 6.0u2 vcsa from 15th March)

Followed KB2113315 to set up the HA and KB2098006 to set up the F5 lb using the lb.p12 created as part of the ha process but still get the following failure when trying to deploy the VC appliance (using the lb psc dns name)

Firstboot script execution error.

      The SSL certificate does not match when connecting to the vCenter Single Sign-On: Server certificate chain not verified (no details)

      Unable to add a solution user and administrator user of vCenter Single Sign-On to the Component Manager Administrators group.

      Ensure that proper addresses of vCenter Signle Sign-On were used during installation.

Have cleared down and tried again following both KBs to the letter but still same error.

Any help much appreciated!

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