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vCenter 7.x or 8.x - date format ISO 8601?

I live in Europe, but work with many Americans, so I constantly am seeing date formats in both MMDDYYYY as well as DDMMYYYY. It is slightly headache inducing if you can imagine. Most of the time I can figure out which based on context, but in an emergency or numerical sorting situation, YYYYMMDD ISO8601 is king. I'm currently on vCenter 7.0.3, and wondering if there are newer 7.x builds or even 8.x where VMWare has decided to embrace this far superior ISO standard?

I've already done the standard browser changes where I've changed my browser language to en-GB and my OS to something other than en-US, but things like vCenter VM snapshot dates are still showing up as MM-DD-YY, which is a bit frustrating.

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