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vCenter 7.0.3c Unable to expand datastores via webclient

Since upgrading to 7.0.3c on vCenter server and ESXi servers I am unable to expand datastores via the webclient. That is true for the vCenter appliance webclient and the ESXi host wenclient. I have to resort to vmkfstools and partedUtil to expand a datastore via the ESXi shell. The problem seems to be in the webinterface, which shows me the current partition setup and the changed partition setup with the free space correctly but the slider to change the size is missing completely. In vCenter it is more messed up, as it simply does not detect any free space - despite the fact, that the size of the disks in storage devices is shown correctly. I tried it with firefox, chrome and edge all with the same result. This is making expansion of datastores quite cumbersome compared to the previous method via the webclient.
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