vCenter 6 appliance and windows version - NATd IP to open web client from net not working

Hi All

I have setup vcsa version 6 and vcenter on windows server version 6 on 2 different VMs as standalone (not linked mode) and i manage them with no problem from the vsphere web client from my internal network.

When i assign a NATd public IP address to point on vcenter version 6 windows server version to be able to manage the datacenter from public network , so the page opens if i browse on the IP and getting the getting started page , but when i click on the login web client , i get page can not be found. Just for testing purpose i have opened all ports on the NAT. By doing the same NAT to point on vcsa 6 , i have exaxtly the same problem. But if i assign the NAT ip to point to a vcsa 5.5 it is working fine.

Does anyone have any suggestion ?

Thank you

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