vCenter 6.7 plug-in not installing in HTML web client

The plug-in worked in all the 6.7 betas right up until it shipped. 

The plug-in works in the Flex client, but won't install in the HTML client.

Hoping that U1 will fix this issue.

The log file says:

Plugin package com.mycorp:1.2.0 was not deployed because attribute type="html" is missing, which is normal if this is a Flex plugin.

However, my plugin.xml file has:

<plugin id="com.mycorp.myplugin"  moduleUri="mycorp-flex-${project.version}.swf"

        defaultBundle="com_mycorp" type="html">

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Hey SolidfireMike,

This is most likely due to the HTML5 client and supported plug-ins. Its possible that your plug-in will need to migrated to HTML5 or maybe there is a need for HTML Bridge (discussed in this KB along with other vSphere Client (flex & HTML5) things. (link here: VMware Knowledge Base)

it looks like the plug-in you refer to may be built to work only on the Flex client. also note that the vSphere Client (Flex/Flash) is now deprecated and the last version was just released with vSphere 6.7.

Hopefully this is helpful-


-- Nigel Hickey, VCIX6-DTM Technical Marketing Architect Blog: | Twitter: @vCenterNerd
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