vCenter 6.7 - SSO Authentication and privilegies


I installed a new VMware vCenter Server Appliance

I’m using a vSphere Client version

I integrated my Active Directory domain by following this procedure:


I added multiple users from the Active Directory domain (including the user account I’m using on my computer) in Administration > Access Control > Global Permissions with “Administrator” role.

I also added them in Administration > Single Sign On > Users and Groups > Groups > Administrators

I have 2 issues.

First, I can not sign in with an account from my domain by using DOMAIN\user or DOMAIN.COM\user or user@domain.com

I have this message: Invalid credentials

Something odd, I installed vmware-cip-launcher and when I check “Use Windows session authentication”, the username is automatically set as DOMAIN\user and the authentication works.

But as I said, when I type DOMAIN\user, it doesn’t work.

Second issue, once I’ve been authenticated, I don’t have access to everything, I have the message “You have no privileges to view this object or it does not exist.”

Thank you.


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