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vCenter 5.5u1a upgrade to 5.5u2d

I am looking to upgrade my current vCenter servers from 5.5u1a to 5.5u2d in preparation for a VSAN deployment.

My environment consists of 2 vCenter servers running 5.5u1a configured as a multi-site SSO domain and running linked mode for a single pane of glass view.

I have read through the most recent 5.5 upgrade guide and am having some difficulty understanding what the process should be for upgrading.

The upgrade guide states...

"If you are upgrading vCenter Server from a version that includes vCenter Single Sign-On in multisite mode, and if the different vCenter Server systems use Linked mode, you must resynchronize first. You can then upgrade all vCenter Single Sign-On instances and maintain Linked Mode functionality. Linked Mode is required for a single view of all vCenter Server systems. Multisite vCenter Single Sign-On is supported only if all nodes are the same version."

Later on in the upgrade guide though it says...

"Before you upgrade any vCenter Server that belongs to a Linked Mode group, remove it from the Linked Mode group. Upgrading vCenter Servers that are members of a Linked Mode group can cause the upgrade to fail, and can leave vCenter Servers in an unusable state. After you upgrade all members of a Linked Mode group to version 5.5, you can rejoin them."

These two items seem at odds with each other.

Can anyone confirm the proper upgrade path for linked mode vCenters?

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