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vCenter 5.5 error 503


I am getting an error 503 while logging in to vCenter. The vC is a 5.5 build 2442329 running on Win 2012 R2.

This started happening when we installed vROps and connected the vC to it. This happens every 15 minutes and vROps sends an alert that the vC Python action adapter is down. At that point, logging in to the vC throws the error 503.

This fixes itself in a few minutes until it goes back to the same state. I disable the Python action adapter and the vC works fine (the vCenter adapter still running).

Here's the full error message:


The vpxd.log says this very frequently when the issue occurs:

2016-09-29T15:11:37.893+05:30 [07040 info 'Proxy Req 30834'] Read from server localhost:8085 failed with error class Vmacore::SystemException(An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host)

At that time, when I run netstat -an on the vC, it gives a lot of connections in TIME_WAIT state where one end is port 8085 and the other end is another port.

I followed this KB but it didn't help:

Port 8085 in VMware vCenter Server (1030246) | VMware KB

The symptoms appear similar to this but the vC is running on Win 2012 R2 which isn't listed as an affected OS here:

vCenter Server returns 503 Service Unavailable errors (2033822) | VMware KB

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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