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vCeneter 5.5 second SSO for new site installation Roll back

Hello All

I am having issues with installing a clean Second vCenter Server Single Sign-On 5.5. Second SSO is installed for a different Site for the same default domain (vsphere.local).

vcenter is been installed as a virtual machine

- windows server 2012 standard edition (non active directory environment)

- SQL server 2012 enterprise as Database

- All host have DNS and rDNS

- First SSO was upgraded from 5.1 to 5.5 in Sept 2013 without changes in default certificates generated based on IP address.

- Second SSO installation for different site cannot proceed if we specify FQDN instead of IP address for the First SSO installation. Installation proceeds well but ROLLS BACK "starting and configuring .."

please find vim-sso-msi log file of installation attached

I will be grateful for assistance to resolve this issue

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