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vCSA65U1 - statvfs(/storage/invsvc) failed with errno 2

I’m seeing lots of this in /var/log/vmware/applmgmt/StatsMonitor.log (on vCSA Build Number 7119157)

2017-12-19T10:53:45.451+01:00 error StatsMonitor[7FD04F4AA700] [Originator@6876 sub=LinuxStorageStatsProvider(200148195552)] statvfs(/storage/invsvc) failed with errno 2

Seems there is a check on a directory every 10 minutes, but the directory does not exist. I think it used to be there in an earlier version, but not anymore.

So is this maybe a bug in the StatsMonitor that it still tries to check it? Should I just create an empty folder?

I dug a bit deeper, and found the config file for StatsMonitor (/etc/vmware/statsmonitor/statsMonitor.xml) and it contains config for /storage/invsvc

<!-- File systems to monitor for utilization. -->


            <filesystem id="invsvc">




Maybe this should have been removed from the vCSA65?

According to the 6.5U1 release notes it seems some alerts, like for invsvc, should have been removed..

snip from resolved Issue:

Alarm definitions for deprecated services are still visible in the user interface

Alarm definitions for certain deprecated services have not been updated. As a result, you can still see alarm definitions for deprecated services in the vSphere user interface.

This issue is resolved in this release.
Alarms have been deprecated for the following services: ts, vws, vmware-syslog, invsvc
Alarms have been updated for the following services: content-library, vpxd-svcs

So should I create this directory or should I update the configuration?

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

You can safely ignore the alerts as it doesnot impact the system. If you would like to stop seeing the alerts, Better to create the directory rather than updating the xml file configuration.

Sincerely, Rahul Parmar VMware Support Moderator