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unable to add a host to VCenter 6.0

i have build a new ESXi 6.0 update 1 host and i'm trying to add it to our VCenter Version 6.0 Build 3634793, that is hosting about 30 other ESXi 6.0 hosts. But i keep getting the following error message

Cannot complete the license assignment operation

Can not assign a license to "Host" vthqesx181.ace.aaaclubnet.com. Make sure the License Service is available.

This is the same error message i get trying to add the host through VI Client and Web Client.

I have tried the following

1. I have restarted the PSC server

2. I have restarted vCenter Server

3. I have tried to add the host with a temporary license and still get the same error message, although the VCenter server has 40 sockets still available.

4. I have tried adding a different host all together so it might not be the host in question that is having the issue and it ended in failure.

5. I was able to successfully add the host in question to a different vCenter server 6.0 to make sure it was not the host.

6. I logged in to the host with VIClient directly and changed the license to temporary and tried it again with no success.

7. I have added a fresh new license with plenty of licenses available with no success.

So at this point i have to conclude that is the Vcenter that is having the issue and therefore not allowing me to add anymore hosts to it at this point.

Any help int he right direction will be appreciated.

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Hi is your vCenter server licensed?

If yes, what vCenter server license edition do you have?

Make sure the vCenter server license edition edition is compatible with the ESXi/vSphere license edition

VMware vSphere 6.5 Documentation Library - Unable to Assign a License to an ESXi Host

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