too much red and orange in cpu utilization


this is my first post in the forum because I don't know the reason why I have so many virtual machines with a red or orange color code for the CPU utilization. Furthermore, host severs' CPU is bellow 50%.


I am using vcenter 5.5 with DRS in "Fully automated" mode and 4 level of agresiveness.

Most of the "red" virtual machines have a value of 0 for  the "consumed", "active", "DRS Entitlement" and "Entitled Resources Delivered" fields. Whereas, one "orange-yellow" virtual machine may have, for example, "consumed" 2,88GHz, "active" 4,64 GHz,  "DRS Entitlement" 4,64 GHz, "Entitled Resources Delivered"  62,07 %.

Can you provide me some ideas to understand this graphic and to try to improve the situation?

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