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raw disk an vmotion

Dear all


i have 2 question :

1-if i create a vm with raw disk can i get snapshot and cmotion that?

2- if i create 2 vms and assign them a raw disk and use share that raw disk between them via add new scsi in this mode can vmotion or backup or get snapshot ?


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Hello Baber,

Basically yes, you can Snapshot and vMotion VMs with RDMs like any other VMs and they will also be migrated to other hosts when you place a host into maintenance mode (provided DRS is enabled).

However, this may be different for e.g. virtual MSCS cluster VMs depending on the SCSI Bus Sharing configuration for the SCSI controller.

If you use vMotion to migrate virtual machines with RDMs, make sure to maintain consistent LUN IDs for RDMs across all participating ESXi hosts.

RDM considerations & limitations are listed here: vSphere 5.5 Documentation Center - RDM Considerations and Limitations

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