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nic teaming in vswitch - VM Network - Managment Network

Dear all


i have a question about networking

for a network in standard switch we have 3 parameters in portd tab :  vswitch - VM Network - Managment Network

on each of them we have same tabs such as nic teaming now i want to know which of them between vswitch - VM Network - Managment Network is important for do failover

on nic teaming ? my means is  what is difference nic teaming in vswitch - VM Network - Managment Network ?

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What you are talking about is Virtual Switch policies, where you will find Security, Traffic Shaping & NIC Teaming polices which are going to be appearing same for all three things listed bellow.

Virtual Switch - Default Policies

VM Network (Virtual Machine Port Group) - Effective Policies

Management Network (VMKernel Port for Management) - Effective Policies

So understand it this way,

if you set Security Policy - Promiscuous Mode: Accept at Virtual Switch level. (In short, you are setting Default policy, so that all the ports/port groups on this switch would inherit that setting)

in this case you will find VM Network & Management Network also set with Promiscuous Mode:Accept

but than if you want to override this at VM Network port group level to Reject, it can be done which becomes Effective Policy.

now if you take above example, it goes exactly same way with all three policies (Security, Traffic Shaping & NIC Teaming)

hope this helps.

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