how well does vCenter endure the message loading between nodes?

I mean,

I have an infrastructure of vSphere 6.7 which is planning to be monitored by a third-party software, which is based on Nagios. If so, it's gonna utilize SNMP to acquire data from the vCenter server to achieve centralized monitoring.

However, I heard rumors that if this software link to vCenter directly to acquire data about the infrastructure then the VCSA will soon be corrupted because the vcenter will sustain frequent data transmission to/from nodes (such as ESXi hosts).

And to avoid this vCenter-corruption problem, I was told to make this software monitor the nodes(such as ESXi hosts) directly instead of VCSA.


This is a weird rumor, but i still want to seek professional ideas from you guys

So here are my doubts:

the possibility that vCenter server corrupt just because huge amount of data transmit from/to nodes frequently?(the monitoring software will ask vCenter to sync up status with other nodes/VMs)

As mentioned above, is it related to the size of vCenter server?


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