generate new certificate by script or command in VCSA 7

Hi All,

I need to regenerate certificate in vCenter server appliance by command.

The problem is when i clone a vcenter server, the new vcs will get a new ip address but the certificates will no be generated and still remain with the old one.



when I check the services i see it cannot compltly start the services and shows no "healthy upstream"



When I use the VAMI portal and change something in hostname it will be ok (the procedure is like this , because it generates a new certificate for that and everything wil be started normally.

But i need to do it via command, not by GUI


I used the command  /usr/lib/vmware-vmca/bin/certificate-manager  but as you see in the screenshot it does not allow me to login via administrator@vsphere.local

it seems because all the services are not running it does not allow me to login via that account.


Can anyone help me on this?

In general i need a script or command to generate the new certificate for the vCenter server with new IP address.


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