enhanced linked mode vcenter 6.5 U2 with external psc not displayed in web client

We have deployed a new vCenter topology with two vcenter Server 6.5 U2 with external psc on two separate sites. On the second deployed site we can Login via Web Client and can see both vcenter without any issue.

On the first deployed site we can only see the local vcenter. We have rebooted the vcenter vcsa appliances to update the Information, the both psc seem to synchronize as designed.

Both vcenter reside in the same active Directory and have each a separate Connection to the local AD DC´s. Both vcenter show the same permissions and rights assignment. We can perform a DNS resolv to the other site and can do a nslookup for the vcenter on the other site.

Does anyone have an idea why the first vcenter doesn´t show the second vcenter?

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