copy/snapshot disk from one VM to be used in another VM


I have a Linux Yum server on Network A. It has a second disk we use to store all yum content. We have an air-gapped network called Network B. We have an identical Linux Yum server that serves Yum content for that network.

I would like to know if there is a way to snapshot/copy the second disk only from Network A, bring it over to Network B, and replace/update the second disk there? I would do this monthly. 

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there are various possibilities the choice of the correct tool / flow to do the operation depends on which tools / SW you have supplied (such as backup / replica sw), on your infrastructure (vCenter, distance between source and destination) and if you have option to stop the source VM

For example:
- Through a backup and restore using your backup software
- Through a simple SCP
- They use replication tools (See Veeam Backup Replication)
- Exporting the VM to OVA

In all of these then you have to evaluate how much you want it to be automatic.
In theory you could make a script that:
- TI turns off the source VM (powercli)
- TI copies the disk to the second site (scp)
- As soon as the copy is finished, the source VM turns on you (powercli)
- TI turns off the recipient machine (powercli)
- Remove old disk from you (powercli)
- TI hooks the new disk (powercli)
- You turn on the recipient machine (powercli)

Then you have to understand how the OS of the recipient VM reacts to this operation.

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