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Web UI bug in vCenter 7.0.3 - Scroll bar for object list disappears when window size is small

The vertical scroll bar disappears when going under 720p pixels.  I noticed this when I docked the window to a corner of a windows desktop.

Seems to happen in all views (VMs and Templates, Networks, etc).  So likely a rendering issue with the client.

All tests done at 100% zoom.  Repeatable in Chrome and Firefox as shown below, as I can't scroll to find other VMs lower down in the list.

Is anyone else seeing this?


As soon as there is more than 720p (1280x720) as a window size, the scroll bar re-appears


Also, this button to hide the object list feels like a waste of space when it could be in line with the options to be selected:


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I see this issue with 7.0.3 as well 1280x828 no scroll bar with Chrome.  Changed resolution to 1280x960 and I have a scroll bar again.  Changed it back and it stayed.  Dropped to 1280x720 and it still stayed.

Firefox had no issue at 1280x828 prior to resolution change.