Vmware workstation problems with vSphere Distributed Switch port group?

Dear everybody,

- My company are willing to use vSphere for testing program in multi operation system environment, so i have to build a lab using vSphere 6.0 for them before they decide will use or not.

- My problem is if I config vSphere's network using "Distributed Switch" model then use Vmware Workstation to connect to the vCenter, i cannot see network label, cannot modify or connect/disconnect network of virtual machine. I've seen Vmware had written this problem (VMware Workstation 12 Pro Release Notes) but seems has not been fixed in the newest version.

- How can I solve this problem?

Thanks you very much!

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Instead of using VMware Workstation to connect to your virtual machine, use the vSphere Client or the vSphere Web Client.


Richardson Porto
Senior Infrastructure Specialist
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