Virtual machine disks consolidation is needed


I have tried to remove all snapshot, then create a new snapshot. Finally remove this lastest snapshot again then do consolidation.

I got "Unable to access file <unspecified filename> since it is locked" while consolidation.

Please advice.

Thanks !

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Hi There,

Can you check the vmware.log of the VM and post your findings here? Also, can you post the vmkernel.log of the host that the VM resides on? That will help us identifiy the issue hopefully!

What backup product do you use on your VM's?

I've found this article which suggests that a backup product could be holding the lock on the underlying snapshot. There are steps on that KB to take to fix the issue.

Happy to help further!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regards, Ryan vExpert, VCP5, VCAP5-DCA, MCITP, VCE-CIAE, NPP4 @vRyanH
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Simple Solution ,

Check the VM on which host it resides on  EX-- vm1--> on Hosts1

connect to the host directly using VSphere client --> Host1

Check the Task bar , you will see the Virtual machine would be locked by VPXA or root ,

to fix the issue , you can follow any one of the below

1. Use the CLI to kill the process

identify the PPID of the VM ps -c | grep -i "machine name"

kill the process that is locking the VM

2. Consolidate using CLI

3. restart the Management network --> this will release all the Process that was locked

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