Vcenter dabase backup for new VC

Hello All,

We have once vCenter where customer need to shut down permanently due to virus attach and he wants to build new vCenter.

Now this vCenter is not having seprate batabse but only postgre so can any one have idea how to backup and the database and restore to new build vCenter??

I have very few VMs almost 200 VMs and all build on VDS switch.

The VC version is 5.1 and its not appliance.

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Take a look on KB Back up and restore vCenter Server Appliance/vCenter Server 6.0 vPostgres database (2091961) | VMwar...

You need to :

1. Backup vPostrgres database on existing vCenter.

2. Deploy new vCenter with default vPosgres DB.

3. Restore DB from backup.

4. Migrate hosts How to move ESXi/ESX host from one vCenter Server to another (1004775) | VMware KB

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