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Vcenter appliance 6.0 joining domain

Hello, So I am trying to join our new 6.0 appliance to our domain.  When I join it under system config and nodes, it acts like it joins and even creates a computer account in my active directory container.  However, once you reboot it shows the domain and OU as blank under active directory on the vcenter.  Also when trying to join an identity source it says the SSO server isn't joined to a domain.... Any ideas?

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We have quit trying to join VCSA to the domain for the following reasons:

  1. Seems to be problematic in 6.0
  2. If there are AD Trust issues thereafter, chaos can ensue
  3. Requires a time-consuming reboot of the VCSA
  4. Makes the VCSA needlessly dependent of a single AD Domain (the one it is joined to)

I have been extremely happy using my AD Domain(s) as an Identity Source for SSO with AD/LDAP - Here's a good post on one of my favorite blogs: How to add AD Authentication in vCenter 6.0 (Platform Service Controller) | Virten.net

  1. Works like a charm
  2. No AD Trust issues possible
  3. No reboot required
  4. vCenter is either independent of, or a super-set of potentially many AD Domains!
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I tend to agree with unsichtbare if you have multiple domains which are not nested inside one another (no trust), but if you have a single domain this should be pretty straightforward.  Are you using an account which has domain admin rights in AD?  Any logs which you could share that may provide a clue?

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