Vcenter Appliance 6.7 Build loose the Recent Tasks afte a while

Hi , 

We use the Vcenter Appliance 6.7 Build . 

The beahviour is that after a while the"running Tasks" in the Recent Tasks Section of HTML 5 Web GUI was gone . 

When u logon you see in the Recent Tasks Section the Running Tasks , for Example an Relocate Task . but suddenly after 4 or 5 Minutes the Recent Tasks Section was completely empty . 

When i log off and log on again then i see the running Task again . 

What can be the Problem here ? 



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Hey @WinstonWolf1,

Since I started working with vSphere 6.7 this issue was regularly appearing on multiple platforms randomly and I think is not an issue with the product itself but with the interoperability with the browsers and the time of processing the information. 

Maybe there is a parameter to tweak but a simple refresh should fix that issue always.

However, what I started doing is opening the More Tasks pane that will always show you the recurring tasks and so far the real-time tasks are always displayed.

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