Vcenter 6.7 Java consumes all memory

I have been having this issue since I moved to 6.7, Java.exe continues to consumes all memory and render the server useless

I have reboot and that lasts about a day or so, VMware supports answer is to moved to 7.0 the appliance.

I was told by 2 different Techs there is no fix for this and that I have to move to v7.  If 6.7 is still supported WTH!!!


Anyone have any insight as to how to address this???

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

I believe this is windows. Right? Java will take much memory for sure but should not be eating all memory unless it is not sized correctly(less resources) . There were few memory leak issues on early 6.7 line. Better be on the latest. 

It can also be caused by dependent applications on vCenter. 

Well the right move would be to go to Appliance for sure to avoid all such windows issues.

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