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VSAN Transport


maybe this is not the correct forum to ask, but since the beta forums are closed i don´t know where to move it. So if there is a new vsan area, moderators, feel free to move my question 😉

So...i just installed a VSAN Cluster with ESXi55U1 (fresh) to my testlab. I am wondering about how the actual data is transported. I guess it is neither iSCSI nor NFS or any other common method, even no common VMware-like method like NFC. So i tried a little bit around. If you do a "esxcli vsan network list" you get the multicast addresses and if you install tcpdump via vma you are even able to scan this traffic with for example "sudo tcpdump -d dst host or dst host". But then again i guess (and as Cormac also wrote in his blog) this is only little communication of discovery and metadata stuff. So i wonder where goes the *real* data? An "esxcli network ip connection list" with a grep for "vsan" shows some tcp connections regarding vsansoapserver on port 8080 and some regarding vsanutil on port 2233. anyone at VMware able to answer how VSAN works "under the hood" - how VSAN really communicates? And most important: How is the actual real data *transported*?

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