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VMware Encryption

Hello everyone,

I need to encrypt my VMware infrastructure that sits on a 3 node host cluster running multiple VMs.

The VMware license on my hosts is vSphere 7 Essential Plus

The VMware license on my vCenter Server is vCenter Server 7 Essentials

In order to use VM encryption, it’s required to upgrade the VMware licenses on our 3 hosts from Essentials Plus to Enterprise Plus.

I already have an existing vSphere 7 Enterprise Plus license.

Before assigning the existing Enterprise plus license to our 3 hosts, do I need to upgrade the license on the VCenter server from Essentials to Enterprise Plus?

Do the licenses have to match and be Enterprise Plus on both VCenter Server and hots?

I tried to assign the existing Enterprise license to one of our hosts and received the error below:

The host license edition is not compatible with the vCenter Server license edition

Can you guys point me in the right direction?



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