VMware Converter 6.1 - Stuck at 93 percent

     Good Day Everyone,

     I have a physical server with three drives in which I am attempting to p2v with 6.1 version of VMware Converter. The hard drive layout is

1) C drive - 116GB (cloned successfully) -

2) D drive - 631GC (hung at 93 percent) - This was 2TB which i reduced to 1TB since destination was NFS storage

3) E drive - 5GB (Cloned successfully)

On first attempt, I tried to p2v directly into an ESXi cluster via vCenter. The result was D drive hung as shown below.   On 2nd attempt, i successfully p2v server into a VMware Workstation 11 format and image file. I the tried to go from VMware Workstation 11 image file -> ESXi host and cluster. The result is hanging at 93 percent on the D drive.

Could someone assist?

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Could you share the converter agent and worker logs again.. the attached file cannot be opened..

How is the D drive different from the C: and E: from the guest OS point..?

Is it a dynamic disk

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