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VCenter plugins. Internet Explorer caching and supported IE versions.


I know that for plugin loading vcenter uses an instance of the locally installed internet explorer.

So, recently we updated our backup solution (Tivoli Flashcopy Manager for vmware) which also has a plugin to be integrated in vcenter. After the update though, in my windows machine (with IE 10) I cannot load the interface of the application through VCenter (with normal browser it works fine). The problem is that It stays blank, with only the CSS being rendered. On other computers with IE 10 it works fine. I guessed that something is wrong with my cache, I cleared everything but the problem persists.

My question is, is there anything else that needs to be done to fix this issue? Maybe cleaning something else from the vmware's side, or do some setting in IE? Also, except from the plugin application, does each vcenter version support some specific Internet Explorer versions or it doesn't make any difference for vcenter which IE you have installed?


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