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VCenter Alerting - Sending Alarm outside to external Source

So... I'm trying to configure alarming in Vcenter to send certain alarms to our external ticketing system, via the 'cmd' option

We use a perl file that executes to do this.  The problem I run into is, I cannot get the alarm variables to work which would give me the 'alarm type' 'target name'etc...

Any ideas?

I'm using the following right now and can get the ticket update, again just know variable data to come with it

We are using VCenter Version 5.0.

Below is what I use today to get the alarm to trigger, which works. I need to know if there is another alarm variable I am supposed to use, or in a different location/format " { # before the variable name etc....


Alarm- Host and Power Connection

CMD - c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\vcenteralerts.bat

Then within the bat file I have my perl script:

perl c:\system\bin\scripts\almcity.pl us 26 error 1 "Test Alarm" "Test Alarm"

(The quotes contain the data that is placed in 2 fields in our ticketing system)

I need to know if I need to enter the variables in the script/ batch file/ or on the cmd itself and what variable works in 5.0 and what format I should you. Do I need to place special characters around the variables I choose?

thanks for any help.....

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