VCSA Error connecting to the server

Hi all,

I have problem with VCSA after EXSI host lost power and restared.

VCSA cant connect to the server,the vmware-psc-client service cant start up.

Now i can access VMware Appliance Management by web and console.

how can i find out which server it need to connect to since it is not installed by me.

Thanks in advance.

-------------------log as below---------------------------

VMware vCenter Server Appliance

Type: vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller

Last login: Fri Jan 12 02:57:36 2018 from

Error connecting to the server

    * List APIs: "help api list"

    * List Plugins: "help pi list"

    * Launch BASH: "shell"


Command> shell

Shell access is granted to root

root@localhost [ ~ ]# service-control --status




lwsmd vmafdd vmcad vmdird vmdnsd vmware-sts-idmd vmware-stsd vmware-vcha vmware-vmon vmware-vpostgres


applmgmt pschealth vmcam vmonapi vmware-cis-license vmware-cm vmware-content-library vmware-eam vmware-imagebuilder vmware-mbcs vmware-netdumper vmware-perfcharts vmware-psc-client vmware-rbd-watchdog vmware-rhttpproxy vmware-sca vmware-sps vmware-updatemgr vmware-vapi-endpoint vmware-vpxd vmware-vpxd-svcs vmware-vsan-health vmware-vsm vsphere-client vsphere-ui

root@localhost [ ~ ]#

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