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VCSA 7.0.2 vSphere DRS Restoring resource pool with Tanzu workload cluster


We were running through some troubleshooting steps on another issue and had to turn vSphere DRS off and back on again.

The resource pool tree was also downloaded as a backup and restored once DRS was re-enabled.

What we didn't expect to happen is that its crippled the Tanzu supervisor cluster as the existing resource pool it resided in

now no longer exists as a new one has been created in its place. The SupervisorControlPlaneVM can now no longer start

as its looking for the old resgroup id.

We've tried updating the VCDB database on the VCSA VM. Updating both the:

SELECT workloads_res_pool FROM cluster_db_configs;


SELECT respool FROM workload_configs;

Thereafter, restarting the workload service. This seems to have somewhat resolved the issue. However, the supervisor cluster is

not in a happy state. Its suck Configuring. Though at least its not showing any errors anymore?

I'm wondering if there is a way to re-build it. Without having to tear down the entire cluster?




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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Unfortunately no easy way to rebuild. Backup and restore of the entire VC is one safe but heavy option. In latest releases, user can not disable DRS from UI client (vSphere client) if cluster has Supervisor enabled (i..e vSphere with Tanzu)

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