VCSA 6.7 Refuses to Pick Up Correct DHCPv6 Address

I don't know why and I certainly don't know what has changed between 6.5 and 6.7 but IPv6 on the VCSA 6.7 absolutely refuses to use the DHCPv6 reservation I have setup, the DUID is correct and if I look at the DHCPv6 Leases table on OPNsense, I can see the DHCPv6 reservation and the active lease used by the VCSA and both of them match on the DUID but the VCSA just flat out refuses to use the address provided by the reservation.

The 6.5 VCSA was fine, it just didn't startup DHCPv6 by default and so you had to run a script to restart systemd-networkd in order to get it to pick an IPv6 address at all but the 6.7 VCSA? In addition to IPv6 being force disabled in sysctl by default again, will not use the correct address. I even downloaded a copy of Photon OS 1.0 (Same build number as the appliance) and spun that up and that too also ignores the DHCPv6 reservation, in addition trying to use netmgr get_duid just returns, it doesn't spit out an error, just nothing, so I can't verify if the DUID that OPNsense is getting is the same as what VCSA is using.

Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get my DHCPv6 reservation to work with the VCSA 6.7? Everything else works, with the alternate lease it has, I can ping Google and CloudFlare DNS through the WAN and I can also ping the ESXi hosts all via IPv6.

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