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VCSA 6.7 Installation and Deployment Error

Good afternoon

I am currently deploying a new VCSA 6.7u1. I already have my DNS zones both direct and inverse, with the created registries of the vcsa and the hosts that I am going to use. Both hosts respond to ping between them.

The problem I have is that when I finish stage 1, I get the following error:


Additionally the ip address that I am assigning to the vcsa appliance, is in the same ip range, where my DNS server is both physical hosts.

Both physical hosts respond to ping from the dns server and in the client's internal network. But the vcsa ip does not respond to ping or the dns server or in the client's network.

Also configure the etc / host of the DNS server and the computer where I am deploying the VCSA, I also added the ip of the vcsa in the etc / host of one of the physical servers and the error persists.

Reviewing the log, I found these error entries



I hope you can help me.

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