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VCSA 6.5 U2 Slow network throughput during backup

Hi Everyone

I have the following setup

  • 6.5 U2 VCSA, Fresh build, nothing but permissions set on the VC.
  • Windows 2016 IIS 10 Webdav setup (4 CPU + 8GB RAM)

When I perform a backup (HTTP/S) to the Webdav location, it takes roughly 1 hour to copy 800MB, I can see I am transfering at a rate of about 2.5Mbps (LAN)

When I perform a file upload from a windows 2008 server using powershell I get 40Mbps. (LAN)

When I map to the webdav location as a network drive on my workstation I get 300Mpbs (WAN)

If I test using FTP/S the same 800MB completes in less than 10 Mins. Any ideas what is causing the slow speeds ?

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