VC 5.5 updfate 3 + VDP - suddenly can not clone VM's between data centers

I have 5.5U3 VC (and ESXi-s 5.5u3, with many iSCSI datastores and local datastores) managing few data centers. All works well until we decided to test VDP 6.1.5 (yes I know it is out of support, buit it works for 5.5 and 6.5 and is enough for us for a few years, especially if I managed to cross it with netbackup so we backup data to the tapes weekly).

Then I discover that when I try to clone VM-s between data centers, I got error

Unable to access virtual machine configuration: Unable to access configuration file [name-of-datastore]

It works in SOME cases but do not work in most other. Local (inside DC) cloning works OK.

I count it as maybe VDP modify VC some way, but careful VC config comparision did not reveal any differences (I compare with VC without this issue).

VC is Windows based, 1 version back (I am updating to the very current version now but I do not expect it to solve problem).

As VDP makes many nasty things (for example, it almost killed our Linux cluster, as it set up vmdk tracing for the shared Virtual disk), I cou8nt it as VDP did some changes.

Need an ideas

- anyone see this issue?

- where can I found detailed logs of cloning operation?

- what could VDP change? It maybe was not VDP but recent update but I am not 100% sure, at least I discover it after we started to run VDP.

(Changing to 6.5 is not immediate option as we have old backup system which can't work on 6.5, and additionally web only interface slow down many things /but it is not show stopper; old backup system is/),

It looks as maybe VDP change access mode to the data stores and/or VC try to access remote data center datastore via local host which do not work of course; I can check logs but first I need to find which exactly logs to check, and any idea what could happen. Message itself is weird as it call datastore name as configuration file.


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