Upgrading 2 VCSA 6.7 embedded PSC in enhanced linked mode

Hi everyone,

Sorry for being stupid,but is there a procedure for upgrading 2 VCSA 6.7 with an embedded PCS that are bound in enhanced linked mode?

I have actually tried the "normal procedure" of upgrade the first ... then upgrade the second... but after upgrading the first VCSA i have ran into an inconsistency that is best described in:

I took me a good half a day to be revert back everything to normal...

is there an official procedure on how to perform this upgrade? How do I avoid creating the inconsistency?

Should I unlink the 2 VCSAs?

I do have a support agreement ... but I really thought that the upgrade process was somehow more logical ...

Grateful in advance

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

Just the normal method of upgrading 1st VC and then 2nd VC. 

Make sure replication status as mentioned in the blog is fine before the upgrade. During just one site upgrade u might see some issues which is fine as they would go of once both sites are upgraded. In linked mode both vCenter's have to be same version and build. 

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