Updates error in Vcenter 6.7, update function redflagged

Hi guys.

some time ago I moved from vcenter 6 to 6.7 appliance.

first all seemed well. I could go for example to update section, search for updates and see many updates.

then once I tried to use one update wich showed green, so it was succesfull. few days later I went to update page again and then I got red flag, showing error :

[object Object] CLOSE.

and nothing else. 

In appliance management interface I saw updates list yesterday, but today after loggin in there are no updates and refreshing does not help.

is really strange.

if I go to update manager then in the main screen is nothig, empty, in the baselines redflag with : VUM failed to authenticate

I hope to find some information here.

I found many posts about this, but non of them are same or have a solution that works.

any help / advise much apriciated.
and thanks in advance.
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