Update Manager versus vCenter 6 appliance's host patch process


I've spent the last couple hours poking around the KBs and documentation but haven't found what I'm looking for: A definitive answer to the question of whether I can remediate a host which happens to have the vCenter appliance running on it. Our environment is very small, no common storage backend available. Update Manager is on a physical system, vCenter 6 is the appliance running on the bigger of the two hosts at the CoLo site. If I tell Update Manager to apply the necessary patches to Host 1, which will take down vCenter in the process, will I end up with an unusable zombie system or will things come back okay afterward? The idea of doing the cumbersome "migrate your appliance to a new host" back and forth every time security updates need applying is... unappealing.

Can anyone clear up the confusion?

Many thanks!

- Karel

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