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Unable to shrink disk size using vmware vcenter converter

I have a 40GB Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed Linux machine on ESXI6.5 host, with which I want to reduce the Disk size to 30GB.

I've downloaded VMware vCenter Converter Standalone, and set it up. I've selected "Convert machine", and applied all required authentication to get to the VM to convert, and also selected the destination as well (same ESXI host).

In the "Options" section, I thought that this would be where I'd be able to resize the disk in "Data to copy".

However I do not have any options apart from selecting "Data copy type" (which only has copy all disks and maintain layout), disk "Type" (thick or thin), and "Destination datastore". The "Size" column has no option to change.

Have I missed a setting?

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