Unable to open VMRC console - too many outstanding requests


I have a problem on one ESXi server. I can't open a remote console on any VM running on the host.

When I try opening a console I get message

"Unable to connect to MKS: A general system error occurred: Too many outstanding operations"

I can't open any web console neither.

From the monitoring page of the vCenter I can see that since a few days there are "Reconfigure virtual machine" operations initiated by administrator@vsphere.local on all machines. All those operations finish with time out.

This ESXi host is part of a 2-nodes cluster managed by vCenter. I have no problem opening consoles to VMs that are located on the other node.

All VMs are running correctly from a guest perspective and are fully reachable by RDP or SSH.

I didn't find any doc about these error messages, can someone help me? I'd like to try to solve the problem without rebooting the host.

Thank you for your help!

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