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Unable to maximize VM console window

Hi all, thanks for any help with this. We are seeing an issue where once we minimize a VM console window it can not be maximized. I found a similar issue in in VMWare's KB - VMware KB: Unable to maximize the virtual machine console window after it has been minimized to the ....

The KB mentions that the issue occurs when all symptoms are met. However we are seeing this issue with ESXi 6 and vCenter 6. Personally I'm seeing this on Windows 8.1.  I'm also seeing the issue on VMs that do not have any snapshots. The issue occurs regardless of whether or not I run the vsphere client as admin or not. The article's solution to ungroup everything does appear to work but is pretty obnoxious especially with multiple consoles or rdp sessions open.

Has any one else seen this issue or have a solution?


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