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Tracking down permissions issues

I am encountering a strange issue with permissions for an A.D. group, and am hoping someone can assist. I have two vCenter instances. On both, I created a role entitled SAP VM Provisioning, assigned that role to a folder, and assigned an A.D. group with the all permissions under Vitual Machine>>Provisioning. In both instances, vCenter version (6.0.0 3634793), the configuration of the role, the depth of the folder, and everything else I can see are identical. However on one of the environments, when any members of this group attempt to deploy an OVF template, they receive an error that they do not have permissions. The specifics of the error state they do not have vApp>Import privilege. I confirmed that this privilege is not checked; what I do not understand is why in the other instance, without this privilege checked, users can deploy the very same OVF template just fine. Anyone have an idea why this might be?

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