Timeout before mark datastore as inaccessible


I am newbie to vmware and vcenter, i have the following question:

Currently I have a cluster with two hosts and two NAS storages with Fault tolerance enabled to protect one VM, The two hosts are directly connected together using two 10 Gbit/sec DAC and the two storages are connected to the hosts through switch.

when I turn off the primary host as part of the testing the Vm is immediately migrated to the other host but when I turn off the primary storage it took around 20 seconds for the system to sense that the storage become inaccessible and migrate the Vm to the other storage, I need to know if this is behavior is normal and if there is a setting to reduce this time (I think this may happen due to network connection and there may be a setting to reduce this time).

I really appreciate your support and feedback

Best Regards,

Mohamed Ward

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